Epic Hoverboard Can Fly as High as 10,000 ft at a Speed of 93 mph


If you think hoverboard is not impressive enough—at least, the real-life version—then you’re in for a treat. A new air-type invention called the Flyboard Air is making waves in technology.

The nifty gadget resembles a jetback that you can stand on while it flies up the air, leaving you enthralled by the beauty of nature as you hover over with the wind in your face.

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hoverboard hoverboard

The device was invented by French jet ski wonder Franky Zapata, the man who invented the Flyboard Air’s predecessor, the Flyboard. The older model works by attaching it to a boat and feeling the thrill while above the sea surface.

hoverboard hoverboard hoverboard

However, the Air does not require such attachment, as it is made specifically to make people feel like they are flying without wings. The Flyboard Air, which has been developed for four years, can reach a maximum height of 10,000 feet and fly for 10 minutes with a maximum speed of 93 mph.


Zapata racing recently posted a video demonstration and it is like something out of a sci-fi film and could be the future of transportation. Sure, the current specs don’t make it seem like it’s the best idea for commute, but who knows what can happen in the next few years? The Flyboard Air is just a glimpse of all the possibilities.

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