This Is How the iPhone 7 Will Most Probably Look Like


Speculations on what the iPhone 7’s features could be are spreading across the Internet. Not only are there speculations about the capabilities of the smartphone, but people have some guesses about the design as well. Of course, Apple needs to step up their game for their new creative invention.

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It’s envisioned that the new iPhone will feature new innovative technology like a borderless display and a home button, which automatically hides when it’s not used. Music, weather, and other applications can be partly expanded without being opened for easier browsing. Lastly, an integrated Dolby Surround speakers as the sound system of the phone.

In a video featuring the iPhone 7, a voice is heard saying, “This is not to be taken as an iPhone 7 leak, but rather as a design study that allows for fantasy and creativity to take over. It is purely hypothetical and aims to please your inner Apple geek.”

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