This Incredible ‘Sky Surfing’ Sport for Daredevils is Absolutely Terrifying

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about wakeboarding. If you haven’t, you should definitely watch some videos about it, so you can see how awesome it looks. Wakeboarding involves water, since it is a water sport. But this new invention will allow thrill seekers to surf through the winds!

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Prepare to live your dreams of surfing the skies just like the Silver Surfer! A new scheme with the goal of establishing a brand-new adventure sport, called Wingboarding, is on its way! If successful, adrenaline junkies would be able to soar through the air using an aerofoil-shaped board and an aircraft.


Lead engineer and founder of Wyp Aviation, Aaron Wypyszynkski, is the one manufacturing the board. Wypyszynkski has a certain love for aviation and he has even said that it his passion, his nine-to-five job and his hobby, all in one. He describes the new “surfing” air sports similar to wakeboarding. However, instead of being towed by a boat and cutting through waves, you’ll be slicing through clouds behind a plane.

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