This Incredible ‘Sky Surfing’ Sport for Daredevils is Absolutely Terrifying

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The 31-year-old from Huntsville, Alabama, said that riders are able to maneuver the board by shifting their weight, pretty similar to wakeboarding or snowboarding. He says that his inspiration came from a childhood cartoon called TaleSpin, that had a lead character called Kit Cloudkicker.

Kit Cloudkicker would jump out the back of his plane and cruise through the clouds. Mr. Wypyszynkski also states that he would be up until one o’clock in the morning to make his dreams of the future aviation come true.

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Mr. Wypyszynkski is now in the process of building his very first full-scale prototype. But for the prototype to be realized, he’ll need about $275,000 to finish the project. Though he may be far from completing the whole goal, he has already built a scale model of his design for some of the board’s much-needed safety features and for aerodynamics testing. You can go and visit his Web site which features videos displaying the model in action.


For wingboarders to get safely back to the ground, Mr. Wypyszynkski explains that they’d have to detach from the aircraft, pull a parachute from their back and safely float down.


Mr. Wypyszynski says that wingboarding will become a popular spectator sport someday. According to him, “Wingboard is the only opportunity where you can stand with the wind in your face and control yourself in the sky.” With that being said, everyone is excited for the day that they’ll be able to surf through the sky and to fly without wings.

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