33 Ingenious Inventions We All Need in Our Life Right Now


There are constantly new inventions being made every year, and sometimes, they are pointless. There are also times where they make something so great that it could make your life much easier. Below are 33 of these amazing inventions that will make your life more awesome.

Some of these cool gadgets are still being designed or still in their inventor’s head, but let’s hope that they will be up for sale soon.

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The tea cup that takes care of the tea bag

The cup will strain the tea bag for you so you will not have to worry about having a tea drip all over the place when you remove it.

Move over, hoverboard

These individual foot wheels are awesome, but don’t forget to wear a helmet because it will take some time to learn your balance on these.

This nifty iPad holder

Now you won’t drop a device on your face when you read or watch something while lying down.

Safety flip flops

These flip flops can hold on to your valuables while you’re frolicking in the water when you go to the beach.

Stay outdoors comfortably with this

This glass dome lets you stay outside without being bothered by the elements or bugs.

The heel protectors

With these stoppers, you will not sink into the grass or soil when wearing high heels.

The scuba gear of the future

The Triton lets divers breath easily while underwater, and they won’t have to bring a big tank along.

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