33 Ingenious Inventions We All Need in Our Life Right Now


This Fat Magnet

This kitchen gadget can be used to take the fat out of soups and sauces.

A way to wash your clothes on the go

This is perfect for travelers who don’t have a lot of time to wash their clothes. It folds to a very handy size when you are done using it.

This great serving plate

The spiral shape of the dish will keep your snacks and dip separate so you will not have soggy chips.

The secret kitchen outlet

This is great because the kitchen island can be used for your appliances, but you don’t want to ruin the design by placing multiple outlets within view.

The chopping board with storage

You can cut your vegetables and keep them out of the way until it is time to cook. You can also use it to separate condiments.

The combination stroller and scooter

Because parents should have fun too.

The flashlight that will show you the way

This light has two streams of light, one points straight ahead and the other is aimed downward. This way you can see what is in your path when walking in the dark.

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