33 Ingenious Inventions We All Need in Our Life Right Now


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The faucet/water fountain for your dog

This hose attachment is activated by a sensor. It will release water whenever your dog comes to it for a drink. You could be saying good-bye to the outdoor water bowl.

A solar-powered water purifier

This could be used by campers to get their water while they are out in the wilderness. For those who live in communities without access to fresh water, this could be life-saving.

The hidden bed

If you don’t have a lot of space for your guests, this is the solution.

The computer for those with bad eyesight

The digital lens will adjust to your prescription grade so you can use the computer without wearing glasses.

This efficient work station

For those who need help with organization, this workstation has everything in one place. It will also charge your devices for you.

A boat that lets you see below

When you paddle through the water, you can feel like you’re really one with nature because you see what is going on below you.

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