This Innovative Classroom is getting Kids to Exercise and Read at the Same Time



Nowadays, people have a habit of making machines just to make work easier. We invent machines, and let them do the job for us. Although machines have taken the toll of us, it’s true that they give us benefits that we could never have enjoyed if they never existed, just like this new tech we are about to introduce to you.

If you love reading, you sit on a chair or lie on your bed to read your favorite book, and if you’re doing exercise, you run outside or go to the gym, but what if you could do both at the same time? Well, yes, you simply can’t read while you’re running because you can’t keep your eyes still when your body is in full motion. But a teacher from North Carolina found a way.

This educator had an idea to put exercise bikes in the classroom for his students to read and exercise at the same time. He started with a single bike, and after a splurge on Craigslist and a host of garage sales, the teacher and his students managed to convert an entire class into a makeshift reading gym. Teachers could then sign their classes up for fifteen- to twenty-minute blocks of time in the bike room, and students are instructed to bring a book or pick up an educational magazine.

‘Read and Ride’ was born when elementary school counselor Scott Ertl was reading a book while riding an exercise bike at the gym. I bet a bunch of kids would find it fun to read while exercising, we could get some exercise bikes and give it a shot, he thought.

“Whenever I’m sitting on the table in the morning, reading my book, I always get a sense of pride in knowing that I’m using my commute time wisely. Little did I know, though, that simply reading on the train was basic compared to how some people devoured their literature,” he said.


The result of his program was amazing. The students’ test scores and proficiency went up. It proved that the more read-and-ride time kids got, the better their scores were; and now the program has become a trend in many states across the United States. Teachers and schools have even opted for more offbeats reading aids, including exercise balls, to get the kids to read more.





“At first, I thought this was a pointless fad, but the more I thought about my own childhood, the more I came round to the idea. I was a voracious reader as a child, but I knew plenty of kids who struggled with the basics,” Scott said.


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