These Interactive Pet Robots Are Helping the Japanese Fight Stress and Anxiety


Life continues to get harder for people as they strive to be stable amid worsening economic crisis. First-world countries like Japan are not immune to that. As the Japanese continue to work hard in order to make ends meet, their stress levels continue to rise alongside it.

That was most likely the marketing strategy for mega toy manufacturing company Sega, which came up with a unique innovation—robotic pets.

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Yume-Neko Venus, or Dream Cat Venus, doesn’t operate like any hardhearted robotic pet. It actually has touch sensors to respond like that of a real one. The gamble Sega made with these products has been proven to be worth it as the robotic cat has been widely accepted in the market.

In the true spirit of competition, these well-designed cats have found themselves rivals. Another Japanese toy manufacturer Tomy Co. has designed robotic puppies that have similar features. But it’s evident that competitors are getting their fair share in the market. With their Dream Pet range of robotic animals, Sega has seen a 30 percent rise in their sales after a year. Tomy Co. experienced a similar feat.

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