These Interactive Pet Robots Are Helping the Japanese Fight Stress and Anxiety


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Another player in the field is Paro—except that it is more than just a cute face. The robot functions as a form of therapy actually used in hospitals and hospices. Paro is capable of emotional responses and is known to help those suffering depression and anxiety. It was created by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  (AIST) and has since then been widely distributed.

Japan continues to extend their advancement in stress relieving by constructing robotic plants otherwise known as Pekoppa. Although the animals are purely hypoallergenic, there is still a chunk of the population who would rather tend to plants than deal with some robotic animals. Pekoppa, also a product by Sega, is battery-powered and also interactive. It responds to its environment by fluttering its leaves.

Japan seems to have completely embraced the robotic culture, although the claims that they can replace human interaction remain debatable. But as for the future of these robotic pets, it seems like the continuous innovation does not have an end date yet as long as the people continue to live by the products’ benefits.

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