Jaguar’s Mind-Reading Car Will Change the Industry



The British car manufacturer, Jaguar, is working in cutting edge safety technologies to their car safety features. Car manufacturer known for its old school no-nonsense approach in car making made an announcement that surprised many.

Jaguar is working on a number of new road safety technologies to try and keep drivers focused on the road


Jaguar is pushing the envelope in the innovative safety technologies. With windscreen map overlays and talking potholes, this time, Jaguar is turning into mind-reading technology to detect distracted or sleepy drivers.

Jaguar claims that drivers can make their enterainment selection 22 percent faster with hand tracking

Jaguar is researching Mind Sense to make sure drivers don’t lose focus while driving. The British automakers stated that they are investigating a system based on technology used by NASA and the US bobsled team unlike the most modern brainwave monitoring systems that use close-range sensors on a headband. The system is being tested by scientists who are trying to identify brainwave frequencies from general background noise.

The system is capable of detecting when drivers are distracted or daydreaming, if this happen, the system will attempt to get the driver’s attention. What the system will do is to make the steering wheel or the pedals to vibrate. Jaguar opted to go for the vibrating driver controls in attempt to avoid saturating the driver with light and audio signals.

These days, drivers take their eyes of the road to interact with their car dashboards due to modern infotainment systems. To minimize time eyes off the road, Jaguar is also developing on a predictive camera system that can track hands and then selects the option it thinks the driver will press without a finger actually needing to touch the screen. User trials have been made and an increased by as much as 22% in successful selection have been found.

The system could also also provide feedback by sending ultrasonic pulses that replicate the sensation of a tap or tingle in the driver’s finger.

With more and more LEDs being used in cars, manufacturers are looking for ways to use LEDs in different means. Jaguar is working to develop Wellness Monitoring system using LED. The system uses a medical-grade sensor to follow the driver’s stress levels and heart rate. It will then adjust the car’s mood lighting system, climate control and audio volume to reduce stress.

These technologies are being researched and tested as a part of Jaguar’s effort to improve road safety.


Check out how these technologies work in the videos below:


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