This Laptop Unfolds Into Something Amazing…Shut Up and Take My Money


While desktop computers nowadays come with two or three monitors, laptops are generally stuck with only one display. So, a designer from Belgium attempted to solve this problem through his idea called Sliden`Joy. He then put his concept on crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, in order to raise funds.

Sliden`Joy is more like a laptop, but has one or two HD displays that are light and thin, measuring 13, 15, and 17 inches. This only means you can bring with you additional monitors wherever you want to go.



These displays are available for Mac and other kinds of PCs. Because their hinges are made from aluminum, they can be easily rotated around by 180 degrees. Thus, they can be positioned in various styles – turned to face the back or all facing the user.



Setting up is not a problem as well. Sliden`Joy can be simply attached at the back of the laptop display as it magnetically attaches itself. The added displays can then be slid out and connected to the laptop through one or two USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

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Charlee Jeunehomme, the co-founder of the device, said that the prototype is fully functioning. However, all other components, such as the hinges, are still in the works. For that reason, the photos they shared are still in 3D printed version.


The weight and the thickness of the device would greatly depend on the production of other components, which primarily depends on the user’s preferences. The current prototype is only 1.7cm thick. The designers said the final version can be quite thinner.


With an aim of offering 13, 15, and 17 inches displays, the company launched the Kickstarter campaign on July 6. Pledges start at $221 for a single display and $332 for the version that offers two additional displays.

So far, the designers have offered a variety of finishes, which include wood, carbon, and leather. Still, they accept other finishing options, but with an added cost.




Find out how amazing this product is in the video below:

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