LED Wall in Japan

LED Wall Turns Movement Into Stunning Visual Displays


Alternative architectural designs are becoming more eco-friendly and interactive as time goes by. Artists have taken their design concepts to another level by creating a visually pleasing structure for busy city dwellers, giving them a place of temporary reprieve from the daily grind.
There was a recent post about an interactive LED floor in Stockholm, but this time you are about to check out this stunning LED wall constructed in Japan. Two companies, Color Kinetics Japan and RANAGRAM, teamed up to create this interactive art piece that is capable of reacting to user movement.

This Interactive LED Wall in Japan Is the Design of the Future

There are dozens of light-based installations around the world, but looks like none of them are able to capture the imagination as well as LED does. From Leo Villareal‘s Cosmos to Chris Milk‘s The Treachery of Sanctuary, there is really something about the interactive design of LED that manages to excite individuals.

Both Color Kinetics Japan and RANAGRAM had a single vision: create an interactive facade to inspire and captivate onlookers. Naturally, the two design companies decided to team up and build a structure based on that concept. The result? An installation that features 1,000 LED lamps positioned behind the skeleton of a large-scale iron lattice.

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LED Wall

Given the simple title “Color Kinetics Interactive LED Facade,” the light show rises on a 13 x 8 ft wall. When spectators walk by, a Kinect sensor is assigned with tracking their outlines. After sending signals to the machine, it then responds with vibrant visuals that are illustrated with changing colors that follow an optical flow algorithm. When the LED wall senses no movement, geometric patterns appear, and they change shape based on sound data that is converted into animation through an extremely powerful algorithm known as Perlin Noise.

Vibrant Visualizations

The design team presented first showed the working prototype at the Live Entertainment and Event Expo 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight. Imagine what this LED wall would be like if it followed the things we see move on a daily basis like birds, cars, and planes! Well, that is about to become a reality because Color Kinetics Japan and RANAGRAM’s future plan is to take the design one step further by creating a large, interactive skyscraper that is capable of emitting story-high geometric patterns. Now that would be a spectacular sight!

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