Car Company LeEco Introduces Autonomous Electric Car That Can Run Up to 130 mph


Move over, Knight Rider, there’s a new futuristic ride in town.

LeEco, a Chinese company, has engineered a smart car that comes with voice activation, autopilot, and not to mention has a completely sleek design. The new design is called LeSee and is set to go against Tesla’s own electric vehicle called Model S.

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Electric Vehicles (EV) as they are popularly known have been emerging in China after government urged companies in the auto industry to find an alternative to gasoline cars.

For LeEco, a relatively new company in the vehicle manufacturing business and headed by CEO Jia Yueting, the introduction of LeSee will bring innovation and convenience to the public. The vehicle does not only run at an impressive 130 mph but is also capable of running via voice command through a mobile application.

The car’s dashboard is set to feed information about the vehicle status to the driver or passenger. As for the external features of the car, do not expect the traditional headlights, taillights, or side mirrors because it utilizes built-in cameras to be able to navigate around its surroundings.

LeEco started out being an online video company and has been dubbed as China’s answer to Netflix. But they branched out to automobile manufacturing when they strategically partnered with Faraday Future to help distribute in the United States.

Yueting personally unveiled the vehicle in an event in Beijing.

“When everyone is questioning us over our ability to develop a car like this and is laughing at us, we are still able to be here and show you this car. I am so emotional,” Jia announced.

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