This Lexus Glows in the Dark With this Impressive Feature, and it is So Cool


Customized cars are so popular today, from the subtle steering wheel covers to full-on awesome paint jobs. But Lexus has developed a car which takes personalization to a new level.

It may appear as a normal car, but this speedy RC F coupe lights up at its driver’s every heartbeat.

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This Lexus Australia vehicle is coated with a special reactive pain that lights up as soon as the engine starts. The driver is then connected through wires into sensors that detect heart rate and a system that interprets the signals and syncs the paint’s glowing pulses with each beat.

As a result, the car becomes an amazing futuristic model.

To showcase the vehicle’s features, Lexus put three professional drivers behind the wheels of the car and set them on a cruise down the track in the dead of night. They cleverly named the event “Heart Racing.”

Watch the video below

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