Man Builds $50,000 Talking Robot That Looks Exactly Like Scarlett Johansson


Since we’ve advanced so much in terms of technology, we are now able to create robots, which can either help us with our daily tasks or entertain us as we let the time pass.

However, there are also robots who like to be part of the human race, like this one that even has a famous celebrity’s face.

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Forty-two-year-old product and graphic designer Ricky Ma spent over $50,000 to create a robot that looks exactly like the famous actress Scarlett Johanson. The designer from Hong Kong admits that the project wasn’t easy and that a lot of his friends thought of his idea as stupid and expensive.

But having a passion for robots at a very young age, Ma decided to shake off the haters and went on to create a prototype called Mark 1. During the process, he realized that his project wasn’t going to be an easy task as it would involve programming, electromechanics, and dynamics.

He knew he had to make sure that the robot’s inter parts and external skin fit together. Ma needed to build 3-D models for all the parts inside the robot, making it a nearly impossible task.

But against all odds, Ma was able to create the prototype, which can talk, move, and react to flattery. Ma’s achievement shows just how far we’ve come when it comes to artificial intelligence and robotics.

To see the robot in action, check out the video below.

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