How Can You Help the Homeless? There’s an “App” For That!


What would you do if you were walking home on a winter night and you saw someone outside curled up because they have nowhere to go? You want to help them, but you don’t know how. Should you give them money? Should you give them food?


Every day, there are around 600,000 homeless Americans. So you have probably been in that situation before where you you see someone homeless trying to find a place to sleep. A group of students from Northern Kentucky University partnered with Strategies to End Homelessness to make a wonderful new app called Street Reach.

Street Reach is a free app and Web site that will help connect homeless people in the Cincinnati area with the services that they need like food, shelter, and clothing.



It is simple to operate. If you live in the community and you see someone on the street, you can enter the information about that homeless person. The app will then notify their partners like Strategies to End Homelessness to reach out to that person so they can help.



If the homeless person has access to a cell phone or computer, they can also request help for themselves. Street Reach will serve as an educational tool so that they can get data on the issue of homelessness in the streets of America.


When you first use the app, they give you information on how you can help without embarrassing the homeless person.

The app will give you information on the homeless and what Street Reach is all about.



One main reason people do not help out when they see people on the street is that they do not know how. This is what is great about the app because any concerned citizen can make a report, but it will be handled by trained professionals who can give them the services they require.

It will maintain safety and dignity of all those involved.

Strategies to End Homelessness has been making progress since it started in 2007. Right now the app is available only in the Cincinnati area. This is one innovation to help end homelessness in at least one city.




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