Oomi Smart Home System Lets You Control Everything with Just One Tap


Oomi Smart Home Ditches Smartphone 5

The trend of technology nowadays is focused onto creating gadgets that make life easier and better. Among all the available devices, smart home systems are the most popular among modern households. However, the fact that there are lots of them released on the market, choosing one that stands out from the rest is quite a difficult task.

Fortunately, Ooomi has created one great device that pulls off today’s smartphones out of the picture. This means, with their smart home system, you don’t have to rely on a smartphone for it to become functional.

Oomi Smart Home Ditches Smartphone 6

Basically, Oomi’s system depends on Oomi Cube, its foundation that keeps everything connected. For it to become operational, it uses a number of functions and sensors for light, humidity, noise, temperature, motion, and vibration. In addition to that, it also has a regular and infrared cameras, as well as an alert speaker.



Oomi Smart Home Ditches Smartphone 4

Though there are a variety of applications that can be used together with this system, it doesn’t completely rely on smartphones. It only needs the Oomi Touch, its own remote control, which comes with several physical buttons and a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen.
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This system runs of Z-Wave technology, which makes it capable of integrating itself with various smart home devices that use Z-Wave as well. According to Oomi, the system is “more than just an ‘if this then that’ logic smart home system, that is to say, it is capable of learning and making suggestions based on how a user lives”.

Oomi Smart Home Ditches Smartphone





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