This Phone Case Lets You Print Photos Anytime, Anywhere All from the Palm of Your Hand


Technology is so advanced nowadays. We can store photos through a personal Cloud storage on the Internet, upload them online, or even just keep them on your phone. But that doesn’t stop us from feeling nostalgic. Don’t you just wish you could print photos and collect them in one album just like the good old days? Well the good news is, now you can.

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Successful startup company Prynt successfully launched a product that will satisfy every modern photographer’s dream. They have made a device that you can attach to your iPhone, starting from iPhone 5 model all the way to iPhone 6. Android users don’t need to fret since owners of a Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 can own the cool gadget too.


The idea is to simply attach it to your phone, then you can already print inkless zinc photo strips thermally. It also comes with an app, which records a short video of the moment you take the photo. Users can also opt to download photos from Instagram or Facebook as long as it is stored in the smartphone.

While the Prynt case costs around $150, each purchase comes with 10 free sheets. Additional 50-pack zink sticker paper costs $25.


Prynt was founded by former engineers Clement Perrot and David Zhang. Their team has grown to twenty and started in Paris but has extended itself to San Francisco.


“We decided to create an object that will let them share pictures with their friends and family in a tangible way,” Perrot said.


You can check the group’s Web site to avail of their Valentines promo and learn more about the product.

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