R2-D2 Mini Fridge is the Fridge of Your Dreams



Dreaming of a walking droid that hands you over some drinks while you are watching your favorite TV show so you won’t have to leave your seat and walk all the way to kitchen? They know you’ve been waiting for it all along, so they created a Mini Fridge to suit your needs.

Designed by Aqua, an Asian electronic firm, R2-D2 Mini Fridge is a remote control droid that sails through the flat surfaces of your home to deliver drinks right on in front of you, complete with bottle opener. The fridge is inspired by Star Wars movie and it features detailed lights, beeping sounds and rotating head that can accommodate six bottles or twelve cans of drinks at a time.










They are going to be on sale next year so if you want to have one at home, you better start saving today.

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