New Sport Sees People Racing Using Brain-Controlled Drones


If you think that having a race using your brain is impossible, then you might want to reconsider that.

The Human-Experience Research Lab (HXRL) at the University of Florida says that they have created the first-ever brain-controlled drone race. Looks like a new kind of sport will be revving up pretty soon.

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Although still a very new sport, drone racing has already gained enough popularity that it has landed an opportunity to be featured on ESPN.

But how does this exactly work? Using the Emotiv brain computer interface (BCI) device, which uses EEG brain activity data, the racers must concentrate on a graphic in a software program and try to think of pushing that graphic forward, which then produces electrical signals that cause the drone’s course to change.

This brain-controlled drone idea has been studied by researchers for several years now. But since drones have only made to the mainstream last year, the researchers felt like it wasn’t the right time to introduce the concept yet. But now you can expect that they’ll be spending more time and money on it to enhance its features and have the world try it.

Since the brain-controlled drones are still on its early stages, using them on race cars is very unlikely as of this moment.

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