This Google Engineer Made a Remote Controlled Star Wars Imperial Speeder and it is Awesome



Adam Woodworth, a Boston-based Google hardware engineer, is a very talented man. This explains why he is working for one of the most prestigious companies in the world. However, his proficiency when it comes to design isn’t only limited to optimizing mainframe servers and repairing wireless router transponders.

Just recently, this man built a remote-control Star Wars Imperial speeder bike at home. Of course, it came with its own Storm Trooper. His invention is powered by some dynamic yet discreet quad-rotors. So, just like any typical remote-control copter, it can be handled well.









The body of his creation is from a 1:6 scale Hasbro Power of the Force series Speeder Bike. Hasbro did several re-releases of loads of toys from the ’80s in 1997, which probably explains where Woodworth got his materials.




The helmet of the storm trooper can be switched for an FPV camera, which is mounted to a styrofoam ball.



Check out the Speeder in action below:


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