These Roads in the UK Charge Electric Cars As They Drive …The Future is Here


Can you imagine life without having to stop in the middle of a long highway just because you ran out of fuel? Well, this is what the government of England wants to avoid. Highways England plans to implement a new project that can benefit drivers of electric vehicles. Using wireless technology, automobiles can run on roads with special electromagnetic field generating equipment buried underneath. As of now, they are conducting trials, which will last for 18 months. After that, a decision will be made whether this project can proceed to the next level and be implemented to public roads. This type of technology isn’t really new. Last 2013, the South Korean town of Gumi switched to a 12km or 7.5 miles path that allows special buses to be charged while traveling. Highways England chief highways engineer Mike Wilson stated, “Vehicle technologies are advancing at an ever increasing pace and we’re committed to supporting the growth of ultra-low emissions vehicles on England’s motorways and major A roads”. “The off-road trials of wireless power technology will help to create a more sustainable road network for England and open up new opportunities for businesses that transport goods across the country,”  he added.

The government has already allocated £500 million for the next five years to keep Britain ahead of this technology.


Before making a decision whether to implement the project to public roads, Highways England plans to test this technology for 18 months.



There are electric cables buried under the road, which are responsible in generating electromagnetic fields that are then caught by a coil inside the automobile and converted into electricity.


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