Is This Sci-Fi Style Vehicle from Toyota the Real ‘Car of the Future’?


Sci-fi movies must be very influential to this Toyota’s new car after Professor X from X-men and the ones used by the plump humans from Wall-E that showed off the cutting-edge technology of their personal hovercraft.

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This vehicle is called i-Real, and it’s created by Toyota. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the three-wheeled vehicle can carry one passenger and adapts to the user’s preferred speed.

If you set it on low-speed mode, this car will move at a walking speed and transforms itself in a way that you’re on the same level with pedestrians. If you set it on high-speed mode, it will run at a speed of 18.6 mph.

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There are joysticks for the passenger to use to navigate the i-Real.It also has a feature that sends you alerts in case you are on the verge of colliding with another vehicle or person.


See the vehicle in motion in the video below, and you will know why it deserves to be called the ‘car of the future.’

Watch the video below

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