See How Box Will Keep You Safe in Case of Earthquakes …Claustrophobic?


The human body, much less anything else, is not well adapted to earthquakes. To make up for those hazards, brilliant minds have devised a wide range of ingenious methods and technologies like buildings that sway with the tremors to minimize damage to the structure and to keep the people inside it safe.

Despite the technological advancements, earthquakes still cause a lot of trouble around the world, which means that people need more ways to improve safety and lessen accidents caused by tectonic shifts. That is probably what drove a Chinese inventor to create this extremely safe yet terrifying earthquake-proof bed.




Wang Wenxi got a patent for his prototype in 2010 despite the obscurity of the mechanism and the uncertainty of the product’s production. An animation of the odd-looking machine was released on the Internet to scrutinize the invention and further enhance the safety instrument.

The machine appears to have two options on how you would like to have it protect you. Once an earthquake occurs, both options will have you trapped inside the tomb-like chest. You can then use anything that is stored inside the temporary shelter like food and water.





The device’s intricate mechanism is still a mystery to some people. There seems to be no way to escape the chamber once you’re in it, thus giving consumers a lot of safety concerns, and making it all the more terrifying.

Because of these design flaws, its safe to say that this product won’t be mass-produced.



Watch this video below.


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