These Students From Switzerland Invented A Wheelchair With a Life-Changing Feature …It Does What??


There is no denying that this wheelchair already looks pretty bad-ass.

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Students From Switzerland  Invent A Wheelchair That Can... Wait For It... Climb Stairs

But, when you check on it a little closer, you will realize that it is way cooler than how it looks. With this new wheelchair called Scalevo wheelchair, what seems like a tough climb up the stairs may now be made easy and smooth.

This wheelchair is the brainchild of a group of Swiss students that began last 2014. The team is composed of eight Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and two Industrial Design students from the Zurich University of the Arts. They all share the same goal, which is to improve the lives of people with disabilities from all across the globe.

The Scalevo wheelchair comes with adjustable rubber tracks that grip onto the stairs, helping it to pull up the wheelchair backwards.

Depending on how steep the stairs are, the angles of the tracks can also be adjusted. This way, the user will stay level.

This wheelchair is also fitted with lights at the rear and at the front, providing extra safety at night.

Once the top of the stairs is reached, small support wheels descend. This helps keep the wheelchair from falling over.

According to the group’s website, “Our goal is to build an electric wheelchair which is able to climb stairs. Moving on the ground is accomplished with a Segway-like system by balancing on two main wheels”.

Although the concept is pretty simple, its impact is far beyond reach.


Beni Winter started this project. He is an engineering student, who wants to create a robot that is capable of climbing up the stairs. Later on, he came up with a much better project.

As of the moment, the wheelchair is still under improvement. So far, its most important feature is its ability to climb one stair a second.


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