These Futuristic Technologies will Blow You Away …The Next Generation of Inventions Have Finally Arrived


Why look too far ahead to the future, when there are things from this coming era that are already here? Below, we have inventions that will definitely change your views about the future and make you see that we don’t have to wait too long to enjoy what it could bring. These futuristic inventions range from insanely ingenious to fascinatingly extraordinary.

See How a Robot can Instantly Solve a Rubik’s Cube


If you’re a Rubik’s cube wizard, you could probably solve it as fast, if not faster, as this LEGO robot could solve it in a matter of seconds. We couldn’t even solve it in an hour.

If Storks are Delivering babies, Then Drones are Delivering Beers

The president of Lakemaid is probably the best president ever. He came up with a fascinating idea: why don’t we have drones deliver beer to the resident’s doorsteps? As you can see in this GIF, it was made into reality. The FAA has, unfortunately, put this on hold for the moment, but at least we know that it’s not impossible and it might happen any time.

Never Miss a Shot with This Extraordinary Trash Can


Ever sat in your office and tossed crumpled papers into the trash can as some sort of way to pass time? With this Smart Trashcan, you’ll always be landing a three-pointer.

Control Your Electronics Without Even Touching Them

With Myo’s Gesture Control Armband, your muscles will wirelessly control your electronic appliances! The force is definitely strong with this one.

Take a Ride in This Self-Driving Car


With the Google car, you be hassled with driving and all that traffic no more. You can just luxuriously sit inside, while the car itself gets you where you need to go. No more worrying about steering and brakes. Plus, you can now text and drive! Pretty neat, huh?

3D Doodling is Already a Thing


Remember those times when you draw those stick figures on the corner or on the last page of your notebook right at the back? Well, this time, you can make them come to life! Doodling the 3D way may sound a little too high-tech, but hey, the future is here!

Canned Cheeseburgers for Everyone

We couldn’t even begin to comprehend how this would taste like. But, it is achievable! A canned cheeseburger is an absolute sign that the future is nearer than we think!

You’ll Make It Past the Traffic Light


Do you hate the experience of approaching a traffic light that doesn’t have a timer or countdown? You notice that red light begin to flash (except if it’s unlike in your city), and you have no idea how much time you have left. Hitting the brakes a little too hard is such a hassle and nobody likes that. Worry no more because this traffic light will definitely eliminate the stress of it. It allows you to discern the remaining time you have.

The Evolution of SD Cards


Now, these may seem very amazing and it may leave you curious (and may a bit shocked) why these products aren’t within reach yet. Well, we wouldn’t want to allow the robots taking over immediately, right? Most of these designs are still models and they’re still not available in the market. However, the fact that investments have made to them is a crucial evidence that they’re about to come true in this lifetime.

An Easier Way to Know If the Bathroom is Occupied


This will hopefully aid you in avoiding that awkward moment when you accidentally barge in on someone, while doing their business in a bathroom. As portrayed here, the glass changes in color and becomes opaque when the position of the lock is changed. So, opaque means it’s occupied.

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