These Products are So Bizarre Yet Desirable …Find Out What Made Our List



Technological advancements have grown rapidly and has led humanity into greatness beyond imagination. From cable-dependent devices to wireless multi-functional gadgets, we have crossed borders that were thought to be impossible back in the day.

When modern devices were first introduced, people huffed about their absurdity, but these were later embraced by the entire population.

Are one of the items on the below destined to become the next indispensable revolutionary gadget. Who knows, right? So, check them out:

Here is the solution for those worn out kicks

Fed up with your old sneakers? Make it into Sketchers game kicks. A variation to Bop-It, it utilizes your battered smelly shoes as base and buttons are placed on the sides. This fully-functional matching memory game will help give color and life to your mundane footwear – and hopefully your personal life as well.

This one is better at reading your mind than your wife

It’s a headset device that reads your brain frequencies and adjusts what songs it plays accordingly. It is built to telepathically tell you to chill out. The waves emitted by your brain will be analyzed by the helmet, which would later transmit the processed information to your smartphone and play tones to help you relax.

The name’s Edwin, and I’m the only companion you need

Edwin, The duck is an interactive toy that does so much more than your conventional rubber ducky. This smart toy is a storyteller, audio player, thermometer, and a teacher in a duck’s skin – can you imagine that? Creators said they made a hybrid out of technology, education, and leisure and Edwin is the beautiful byproduct. An app can be downloaded for iOS and Android as an essential feature to Edwin’s functionality. Who would have thought that you can leave your kids under the care of a rubber ducky?

Would you like to look different in the mirror?

If you can’t think of how you’d look sporting a different hairstyle, then the Panasonic Smart Mirror will do that job for you. This technological wonder does not stop with just your hair. It does more than that. It offers a precise visualization of how you’d look with different facial attributes, which is kind of amazing.

A belt that automatically adjusts to your body’s demands

Belty, another smart consumer product, is pretty much what your dad would probably want for Christmas. Its self-adjusting feature, which is the only feature it has actually, has the possibility of becoming your belly’s best friend. It loosens when you sit and immediately tightens as soon as you stand. Like any other smart gadget, an app is necessary for you to be able to set this belt’s preferred expandability.



Will soon be your Mom’s best friend

LG’s Eco Hybrid Dryer is the future of energy efficient dryers. With its increased load capacity and heat recycling capability, which in turn reduces electricity consumption, there is no reason this product shouldn’t be seen in every house in the future. You can even say that your mother’s best friend has arrived.

No need for a baby sitter when you have this technology

For parents who need to get something done immediately, but have to make the baby sleep first, then fret no more because mamaRoo is here at your service. With its five speed dials, 4Moms replicated the unique movements of parents into the machine. It is insured to put your infant into deep slumber in a jiffy.

The ultimate app for car owners is here

Hyundai launched an app that lets you control everything in your car. Blue Link is a mobile app that lets you have total command over your car’s functions like its start up, locks, horns, and lights. It would also alert you for detected mechanical problems or faulty dials on a monthly basis or as often as you desire. The handiest application for car owners have finally arrived.

The resurrection of your childhood MP3 player

If you rocked with the Sony Walkman in your younger years, then you’d definitely be ecstatic to hear that the Japanese Company is planning to revive this handy piece of device.

When walking becomes limited, this will keep you going

There are a lot of electric unicycles now in the market, but the InMotion v3 is the most notable. Its self-balancing technology and motion sensitive sensors make it the best gyroscope out there. Moving has never been this easy.



A device with a ‘sole’ purpose

Digitsole is the very first of its kind. It is connected, interactive, and water-resistant. It carries a heating function for those winter walks, all at the touch of your smartphone. This ingenious foot product is intended for your health and comfort. It also keeps track of the number of steps you take with an added feature of a calorie counter.

This is a must for every camping party

Have you ever thought about a speaker that can also cool your drinks? Apparently someone came up with this idea. You can play high quality music and freeze your bottles simultaneously. How cool is that? Kube has a maximum output of 110 decibels and has a large insulated compartment. Jive to your favorite beat, while refrigerating your favored refreshment for 20 hours at most. Picnics and campings will never be as great and as easy as this.


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