This Jumbo Jet is Not What it Seems… See The Shocking Truth Here


Recently, a footage of the largest remote control plane in the world taking flight at a German airshow made headlines over the Internet. It featured a realistic replica of an Airbus A-380, which even looked and sounded like the real thing. However, it was about 14 times smaller. It only weighs 150 pounds, which is equivalent to 68 kilograms.

For it to fly high into the air, its engines have to be calibrated. And for that, this amazing invention doesn’t come cheap. According to reports, this aircraft has four engines that cost £1,800 to $3,000 each.

In the video, an enthusiast or a hobbyist is taking the huge toy for a spin using only a handheld remote control. As it landed, he even experienced turbulence, making it look really realistic.

Scroll down for video

Here’s the video of the flight

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