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Life-changing gadgets have been a trend for the past few years. In fact, these devices always come in handy for us – cameras, phones, and MP3 players. However, it feels like these things are becoming a burden to some. They couldn’t carry their smartphones, laptop, MP3 players, and cameras all the time.

Because of this, designer Prashant Chandra came up with a unique device. It is a laptop that features an embedded tablet, MP3 player, and a smartphone. He then called this the Lifebook. This gadget is inspired by the principle of shared hardware.

The idea of a shared hardware is not about having a repetition of hardware. This means, if you have already have an MP3 player, there is no reason to waste an ample space on the hard drive of your computer for the same purpose.

Of course, the concept is peculiar and quite appealing. Are you willing to buy this?



Learn more about this gadget here:

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