This Master Musician Shreds The World’s First 3D Printed Violin …Your Gonna Love This



Through 3D printing, we are able to have products that are not just useful, but are also intricate and incredibly detailed. Using this technology, we are able to create things that we only imagined, such as supercars and bridges. But, among everything created using 3D printers, a classical musical instrument is considered the most inventive. It is called the 3D Varius, the first ever playable electric 3D printed violin.

The 3D Varius is the creation of Laurent Bernadac, a designer and violinist. It was based on a real model of the legendary Stradivarius violin. Using the thestereolithography method of 3D printing, this violin was incredibly printed in one piece. However, the trickiest part of building this was designing it with 3D printing materials that could withstand immense string pressure required for a properly-tuned violin.





Here is a review of the 3D Printed Violin:


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