You Have to See The World’s First Hover-board In Action! OMG!



Prepare yourselves as we show you the mythical hoverboard that is set to conquer the technology industry this year. After months of teasing us with the hoverboard that Lexus promised to finish, it finally did the impossible. Below is a video of a fully working hoverboard, featuring skaters who are apparently the time of their lives.

Prepare yourself and feast your eyes!

The hoverboard was taken by the Lexus Tokyo branch and delivered the hovering beauty that uses the right combination of liquid nitrogen, superconductors, and levitation magnets. The core of the board uses large amounts of liquid nitrogen to cool it down. The temperatures are maintained at -197-degree centigrades to fight off the heat produced by the insulated core of superconductors.



The board hovers at a significant height and can be boarded by a person after the superconductors are cooled. It is placed on a track that contains permanent magnets, then floats around. Once the user hops on the hoverboard, the height cannot be increased or decreased.



Other components had to be designed properly, and it takes the right amount of thrust provided by the magnets that’s why the team took some time to perfect the Maglev technology to be used in this board. The team took many sleepless nights to build a new track for the hoverboard, and finally, they perfected it.

Congratulations to the great engineers at Lexus who made the impossible dream possible!

Here’s a video of the Lexus Hoverboard below.

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