The World’s Smallest Caravan has a Double Bed and Fully-Equipped Kitchen …WOW


An improvised caravan suited for two adults is ready to take campsites by storm this summer because despite the size of this small-scaled caravan, it can fit a full-size double bed and fully equipped kitchen. The caravan is eight feet long with a cool design. It has a hidden compartment that when taken out, extends to almost double the living space, making it comfortable for two people to sleep with enough room to spare.

Upon arriving at your destination, you can simply open and extend the slide-out to widen the space twice as large, a feature only this teardrop has. It also has a whole queen-size bed with a spacious cabin.

The caravan is made from fiberglass and timber, which makes it more elegant-looking, and a flat-screen TV that you can enjoy with your partner.



The miniature caravan has a compartment at the back of it that lifts up to reveal an open-air kitchen with two hobs, a fridge, and a sink. You can easily rotate the 24-inch flat-screen TV and rearrange the bed as you desire.

This small-scaled caravan is known as The Gidget, and it comes in two models, the standard Bondi and the slightly larger Noosa. The Noosa comes with a shower unit and toilet.

It took years of hard work and hassle to build this unbelievably small caravan. At first, there were plenty of ideas that didn’t work well, but after some time, the makers of the Gidget decided that they wanted to find a way to enjoy the great view outdoors while camping in true comfort and style. On top of it, they also made sure the invention would be environment-friendly and fully self-sufficient.



Imagine yourself sleeping above your bed under millions of stars—it is what this deign aims to perfect. It includes two large hopper windows on each side of the slide-out and a three-foot skylight making it a perfect location for a solar panel system. The Gidget also has a 14-foot dome Gazebo, so you can still enjoy cooking and entertaining your family if the weather gets bad.


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