This amazing little creature is eerie, eary . . .and strangely rather cute.
Taronga Zoo is celebrating its first successful birth of a Ghost Bat pup in 15 years.
Born last month, in time for Halloween, the pup is the first for Taronga’s new breeding pair, ‘Celeste’ and ‘Nocturne’, and an encouraging sign for the regional breeding program for this vulnerable species.
Despite the challenges of breeding Ghost Bats, keepers are pleased with the progress of the pup, which can already be spotted on display at the Zoo’s Australian Nightlife exhibit.
Ghost Bats ((macroderma gigas), also known as the false vampire bat, are the world’s largest microbat and Australia’s only carnivorous bat, preying on large insects, frogs, birds, lizards and small mammals, including other bats. Their name comes from the beautiful ‘ghost-like’ appearance of the extremely thin membrane of its wings that makes it appear ghostly at night.
Populations are under threat in the wild due to the loss of feeding habitat and destruction of caves and old mine shafts.
Keeper, Wendy Gleen, said it may be a little while until keepers can determine the sex of the pup, so they are yet to choose a name.
She said: “The pup has been clinging to its mother for warmth and security, clutching onto her neck with its back legs,” said Wendy.
“Ghost Bats are particularly vulnerable to mining, which can threaten their maternity caves.”

Credit: Vanessa Stebbings/ Taronga Zoo/

Where: Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
When: 14 Nov 2014
Credit: Credit: Vanessa Stebbings/ Taronga Zoo/

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