13 Photos Showcasing Nature’s Best Creatures

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The planet we live is not only for us humans. We share this constantly changing home with thousands of other divinely-created species. Sometimes, we ignore them because they are not just like us. But through the camera lenses of many photographers, these photos from the natural world we’ll surely find these creatures irresistible. Behold the natural world and get ready to be awed.

Seahorses displayed at an endangered species exhibition at London Zoo.

Lightning flashes meet volcano ashes near Entrelagos, Chile.

Clouds come in and out behind the replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas.

A zebra up close in a Berlin zoo.

A lion’s mane jellyfish beneath the waters at the Farne Islands, England.



Iris, an Amur tigress, cuddles with her 7-week-old cub during a walk in an open-air cage at the Ruchey zoo in Krasyonarks, Russia.

A snake at a snake farm in the snake town of China, Zisiqiao village. Snakes have been used for food and medicinal purposes for more than three millenniums.

A swarm of bees found in Frankfurt Main, Germany load themselves with pollens to be returned to their hive.

A water bird flying over a Danube Delta canal in a city east of Bucharest.

A swan’s head sticking out of a carpet-like green field in Kamp-Linfort, Germany.



Iblis, an Asiatic lion, enjoys rolling over a recycled Christmas tree at the Chester Zoo in England.

A pony taking his sunset graze in a meadow in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Starlings fill the evening sky above Gretna, Scotland.


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