18 Bird Nests Built In Unusual Places

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Birds are capable of building nests, even in unusual locations. This only means they can easily adapt to whatever sort of environment they are in. Although not all types of birds build nests, they all have one thing in common. They always look for a safe place, where they can lay and hatch their eggs.

Before it was believed that building a nest was a bird’s innate skill. But, based on recent studies, they improve it along the way.

During the 15th to 16th century, man-made bird houses became popular. And, by the time urbanization and agriculture brought changes to the environment through deforestation and illegal logging, nesting cavities started to diminish. As a solution to this problem, birdhouses were created.

Check out some of these bird nests built in odd places:

Ashtray Nest

Scroll down for the video

Ashtray Nest

Goose Figurine

A Goose Figurine Became Home To A Real Live Bird

Old Lamps

Swallow Nest In Old Lamp

Traffic Lights

Traffic Light Nest

Shoe House


A Car in a Parking Lot

Man Left His Car In A Parking Lot For 6 Days And Came Back To This

Old Teapot

Old Teapot

On a Statue

Nest On A Statue

On a Pole

Outside Is Better

On a Wreath

Dove Nest On A Wreath


Hummingbird Nesting On A Patio Windchime

On a Duck Nest

Duck Nest

Cigarette Bins

Cigarette Bins Must Seem Very Attractive To Blue Tits Looking For Somewhere To Settle Down

In the Engine of a Mini Bus

Nest In The Engine Of A Minibus

On a Dove’s Nest

Dove's Nest

In a Lamp Post

Blue Tit Makes Its House In A Lamp Post

In a Traffic Cone

A Pair Of Great Tits And Their New Family Have Nested In A Traffic Cone

Inside a Basket

Dove Nest Inside Basket

Do these bird houses look great? Of course, they do. And, they don’t just solve the problems of the decreasing number of nest cavities, they too prove that advancements and nature can be one for good.

Watch the video below


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