20 Minutes of Searching in a Park Leads This Woman to an 8.52-Carat Diamond

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Every woman loves to see themselves wearing some sparkly dangling earrings, but not all of them are rich enough to buy even the simplest pair of these.

Well, this woman from Colorado had it easy. After only 20 minutes of roaming around an Arkansas park, she returned home with an 8.52-carat diamond.

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Bobbie Oskarson finds this little sparkling thing after only 20 minutes of searching


Oskarson was searching for precious stones at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro with her boyfriend when she found Lady Luck on her side and led her to an 8.52-carat diamond.


Waymon Cox, a park interpreter, described the diamond as a capsule-shaped crystal that displays a stunning metallic beauty.

“It features smooth, curved facets, a characteristic shared by all unbroken diamonds from the Crater of Diamonds,” he continued.

Bobbie names the diamond after her niece, Esperanza


Esperanza is said to be the fifth-largest diamond found in the park


Esperanza is the Spanish term for “hope.”

This state park in Arkansas is always full of people who want to find a precious stone too


The largest diamond found in the park was discovered in 1975 and weighed 16.37 carats. There was an even bigger diamond dug up in 1956, but the Crater was not yet established when it happened.

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