Fisherman Discovers Rare Albino Cyclops Shark

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Whenever you hear of one-eyed creatures, what comes to mind is a sci-fi movie or a cartoon, but a fisherman actually found an albino cyclops shark.

The fisherman discovered the strange sea creature in the Cortez Sea near the  Gulf of California. The man who found the shark was Enrique Lucero Leon. He found the embryo inside a pregnant dusky shark.

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cyclops shark

Cyclopia is an abnormality during development, which causes a species to have only one eye. The Bio Info Bank says that cyclopia is a rare congenital anomaly, which results from a disruption or incomplete development of the anterior end of the neural plate.

This abnormality is associated with brain defects. In humans, it is not known to occur in only one twin.

cyclops shark

There has been a documented case of an infant who had cyclopia, but the infant died before birth. The parents were healthy, and there is no known cause of what caused that abnormal development. In the shark embryo case, scientists believe that the embryo would not have survived outside of the womb of the mother shark.

The discovery of the albino cyclops shark went viral on the Internet. The creature looked very strange and almost like a cartoon character. The Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Science did confirm that the cyclops shark found in the Cortez Sea was real.

cyclops shark

This is a very strange story about the animal kingdom. It shows us that there are many strange facts that we humans have yet to discover.

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