Baby Koala Hugs Mother During Her Life-Saving Operation

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While traveling with her baby Phantom, a koala named Lizzy was hit by a car in Australia. Although Lizzy obtained several serious injuries, such as head trauma and a collapsed lung, Phantom was unscathed.

Lizzy was immediately brought to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. In the course of her life-saving surgery, Phantom hugged and stood by her until the operation was over.

According to the doctors, Phantom is only six-months old. So, he is too young to survive the wild without a mother. That is the reason the doctors allowed him to stick around, perched on his mother’s neck in the surgery.

Koalas are small creatures native to Australia. They primarily feed on eucalyptus leaves. During the first six months of their lives, the baby koalas, otherwise called joeys, stay inside the pouches of their mothers.

Phantom’s hugs may have helped a lot. Now, Lizzy is recovering slowly, and the baby koala still never leaves her side.

Find out more about Lizzy and Phantom’s story by looking at the photos below:

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