Beating the Odds of 500,000:1, This Mother Gives Birth to Three Sets of Twins …Unbelievable!


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As parents, Karen, a dance instructor, and Colin, an event manager, never expected that they will be blessed with little sets of miracle. She gave birth to her first twin boys, Kyle and Lewis, 16 years ago. The couple luckily welcomed another set of twin babies to the team, Jude and Finn, two years later. Ever since the two pairs were born, Karen and Colin were busy but happy at the same time as they fulfilled their reponsibilities as parents.

Ten years after, the boys had grown into their teens, and life for the whole family went on as normal. Since giving birth to four boys, Karen had already accepted that she would remain the only rose in the family. But great things happen when we least expect them, and Karen was told that she was pregnant again.

Things took a crazier turn when Karen’s doctors revealed another surprise. It only happens in one out of 500,000 pregnancies, but Karen had beaten those odds because for the third time, she’s giving birth to another set of twins. When Karen broke the good news to her husband, he just said, “This is not funny.”

The couple decided to keep their third twins’ gender a secret, which made the surprise extra thrilling. It wasn’t until the newborns were successfully delivered that the rest of the family knew that they were both girls.

Although they were lucky enough to a third set of twins, Karen and Colin were nervous that as they were already in their forties, they’d be too old to bring up their princesses into the world. But seeing the faces of their children quickly washed away their worries.

The four brothers have completely fallen in love with their baby sisters, Rowan and Isla. When going out as a family, they get lots of attention from people who are blown away by the sight of parents having three sets of twins.

Daddy Collin, on the other hand, jokingly warned that boyfriends are completely unacceptable. “I think the girls are going to have five dads with the boys looking out for them too, and it will be a frightening gauntlet for any boyfriend to run.”

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