Couple Beat Odds of 283 Billion to One After Double Lottery Win in Just 20 Months

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Most people will probably tell you that the chances of winning the lottery are very small, and they would be right. At 283 billion to one, the odds are almost never in your favor.

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However, a British couple beat the unlikely odds when they won a million pounds in the EuroMillions lottery for the second time in 20 months. How unlikely is that?


With their second million, David and Kathleen Long of Scunthorpe will finally leave their Lincolnshire bungalow to buy a mansion with a bar and games room—a decision they decided to forgo the last time in favor of buying a new home for David’s 81-year-old mother, Joan, instead.

Along with buying a new home, the couple is also thinking of getting a Mediterranean cruise, as David admitted that after the latest payout, they’ve run out of excuses not to go.


David, a former truck driver, admitted that he was shocked to win again, but he wanted to buy a ticket after he and his wife won their first million, saying, “I just knew it would be my turn again some day.”

Now with their wealth doubled, the couple can swap out their bungalow for a seven-room mansion with a swimming pool and up to 20 acres of land. David shared, “We don’t have a champagne lifestyle. We still live in a mobile home. We’ve been there for 13 years in our static caravan. That’s changed now, though, we are planning on moving somewhere else. We’ve had a bit of luck. It doesn’t have to be a big mansion, it just has to have a games room and a bar for me.”

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