5 Cute-Looking Animals You Will Love to Stare at Every Day

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Most of the time, when we have problems, we turn to our closest friends. But it’s not all the time that we can count on them because like us, they have their own matters to attend to too. During these times, we refer to our nonhuman best friends—animals.

What could be more consoling than a furry, cute-looking little things? We have made a list of some of them, so the next time you are down or exhausted from a day of work, you have an idea whom to ask help from.

The Red Panda

The red pandas are the dwarfed version of their giant, black-and-white kin. They live in the mountains of Nepal, Northern Myanmar, and in Central China. They grow to the size of cats, and their big and bushy tails add 18 inches to their build.

The red pandas spend most of their lives in trees. They feed on bamboo, fruit, acorns, eggs, and roots. With their eyes, size, and body, you will be delighted to spend a day with these red pandas.

Sea Lions

Sea lions are mammals found in bodies of water, except in Northern Atlantic Ocean. They stay on these areas for it is where most of their food are found. Sea lions can grow bigger and bigger. The males are larger in size than the females, which give them advantage when it comes to mating.



Sea lions go in group and stay close together on land and on water for protection. They are also found to be highly intelligent, which makes them stars in shows, doing tricks for entertainment. Though sea lions can be aggressive to humans, especially the male ones, they are still something that is sweet to our eyes.


Nocturnal and protected by claws, wombats are mammals that frequent the lands of Australia. The feed mostly on grasses, roots, and barks. Because of their physical feature, wombats are hunted, and some of their species are now critically endangered. So the next time you see a wombat, make sure to just feast your eyes and not your pocket.

Bottlenose Dolphins



Considered the most well-known members of the family of Delphinidae, bottlenose dolphins are found in tropical oceans and around the globe. They surface to breathe, doing it after every 30 to twenty seconds. These dolphins communicate with each other through a system of sounds.

With a mouth that is curved and gives a smiling appearance, the dolphins have become the finest attraction in some water parks. And up to now, they continue to make people happy with their looks and gracefulness.

Fennec Foxes

The fennec foxes are nocturnal foxes found in North Africa. They have large ears that make them distinguishable from other foxes. They have a life span of 14 years and feed on plants, rodents, insects, birds, and eggs.

The fennec foxes have built a name as exotic house pets. Their owners can attest that these animals make good pets and would certainly help you forget about your problems.



These animals are just out there, waiting for you to ask their help. Sometimes, they are more effective than humans. They may not be able to speak, but they can send their love to you through actions.

Get your daily dose of these adorable creatures and their antics in the video below.


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