Do You Remember How to Use a Rotary Phone? See this Classic!

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Kids nowadays don’t have an idea what rotary phones are and how to use them. This is because they are raised in an era where gadgets can be easily used with just a simple tap or click. However, the present generation isn’t alone in this as even our ancestors had difficulties too in using the calling device.

In an early instructional video released in the 1950s, a woman from “your telephone company” was giving tips on how to use a rotary phone. She even explained how dialing a wrong number could cause irritation and inconvenience to the person you are calling. In order to avoid such problems, she detailed how to properly use the device.

Her first tip was to make sure you have the right number and to write it down to save time. Then she noted that when dialing, you have to make sure you bring your finger around until it firmly touches the finger stop before you let go. She also emphasized the difference between O and 0. To be able to demonstrate better, she even used an extremely huge model of a rotary phone.

Despite the differences in the looks and functionality between modern-day phones and the telephones used long ago, we can still say that these devices have always been of great use. They never fail to connect people, regardless of where they might be located in this world.



Here is the video of the woman explaining how to use the rotary phone:



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