Does China’s Cat-Eyed Boy Really Have Night Vision?

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Many humans come to discover that they have special abilities that science can’t explain, suggesting that we may have tons of untapped potential beyond our wildest dreams. Since the majority of people have yet to realize these “powers”, there is a certain mysticism surrounding this phenomenon, which is why many perceive people with special capabilities as “superhumans.” One of the more recent superhumans to share his talent with the world is Nong Yousui, a young boy from Dahua, China.

Like many young kids, Nong Yousui was born with blue eyes; however, Nong’s eyes have a certain brightness that make him different from other blue-eyed babies. Later in life, he discovered that the color of his eyes wasn’t his only unique feature, as he claims to have 20/20 vision in complete darkness. Naturally, his dad brought Nong to the hospital in search for answers to this bizarre occurrence. As his father explained, “They [doctors] told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did.”

Even though Nong can see clearly in the pitch black, he has difficulty seeing in sunlight and finds bright light a bit painful to his eyes. His teacher also claims that when light is shined directly into Nong’s eyes in the dark, they reflect a neon green tone.

When Nong’s story first went public, a skeptical Chinese journalist decided to formally test his claim. The journalist created a set of questionnaires for the boy to complete in a controlled setting, a pitch black dark room. After completing the tests, his results clearly proved that the boy can see, read, and write perfectly in complete darkness.

The World Record Academy, the organization that certifies world records, deemed Nong Yousui as the first person to be able to see in the dark and awarded him with a world record.

Check out the following video about Nong Yousui and his ability to see in the dark:

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