Kid Takes Mensa Test at Age 11 …Now He’s Compared to Einstein? Wow!

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When you talk about IQs, your mind might automatically think of some of our brightest such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. But very few people are on the same plane with regard to intelligence. Meet the newest child genius, Ramarni Wilfred, an 11-year-old, took an IQ test and scored 162. That’s higher than Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Bill Gates.




When asked about the news, Wilfred told the Romford Reporter, “I can’t begin to compare myself to these great men whose hard work clearly proves that they are true geniuses.”



His mother, Anthea, had always known her son was smart. “By the time he was three, he could read and write; and from 18 months, we discussed the news and his favorite book was an encyclopedia,” said Anthea.

The score has given Wilfred the opportunity to be part of Mensa, a society for those with high IQs. His acceptance will include invitations to exclusive events as well as a chance to mingle with people his age and intelligence.

Even with such great opportunity, Wilfred remains a humble boy.

“Perhaps my ‘true genius’ moment will come when I grow up, but for now, I am just proud of myself and happy that my mum and sister are proud of me too.”



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