Largest Great White Shark Ever Caught on Camera- You Have to See How Big it Is!

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Jaws is a nature documentary masterpiece that tells us subtly that sharks can be dangerous. This enormous ocean beast  is a menace that lurks the water and stalks for humans to eat. When it goes in a frenzy, unsuspecting victims fall in its mighty jaws and sharp teeth that will shred them into pieces.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. Contrary to the movie’s concept, sharks rarely have violent streaks against humans. In fact, it was stated in a finding that they are scared of us as much as we are terrified of them.

However, you probably wouldn’t take a chance with this one. Caught on tape was possibly the world’s largest great white shark in Guadalupe Island, Mexico, which they named Deep Blue.




Watch caught in camera video of the biggest great white shark ever seen here.

Check out another video of Discovery Channel‘s documentation of  Deep Blue.

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