Meet Hokkaido Island’s Adorable Animals

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Hokkaido is located at Japan’s northern end and is easily the largest island in the region.

Whether it is for recreational activities or for winter sports, Hokkaido is definitely a must go to destination. Aside from the rich history and culture that is present at this part in The Land of the Rising Sun, it is also the abode of some of the world’s rarest creatures. What is fascinating about these creatures is that they are native only on this part of the world.

And one photographer who goes by the name of Pop Shiretoko has perfectly captured these elusive creatures at their finest.

Ezo Momonga

The Ezo Momonga is a type of flying squirrel that is native to Hokkaido. It is known for its large, dark eyes and has become the local’s official mascot.


This particular type of long tailed tit can only be found in the island. Unlike the other Northern long tailed tits that is found in the rest of the country, this does not have any “eyebrows” as its face it completely white.

Hokkaido Red Fox

The Hokkaido Red Fox is simply a sub species of the common red fox found around other parts of the world.

Hokkaido Red Squirrel

Hokkaido Island is home to several sub species that are unique and found only on this part of the world. The Hokkaido Red Fox is another concrete example. This particular squirrel is a subspecies of the Eurasian red squirrel that is spread far and wide.

Ezo Naki Usagi

Also known as the “crying rabbit,” the ezo naki usagi is a local sub species of the Northern Pika and adorable Pika that is found throughout Northern Japan and Northern Asia. It was said that this critter was the inspiration for the popular video game Pokemon character Pikachu.


Known as the “least weasel,” the Iizeuna is a creature that feels at home in the Northern climates of the Hokkaido Island, Siberia and Northern Scandinavia. Unlike other least weasel species, its coats turns white to camouflage itself during the winter season.

Ezo Fukuro

The Ezo Fukuro is a local sub-species of the Ural Owl. This particular owl is know for its distinct  “Hoh-hoh, Guruk Hoh-hoh” sound.

Get to know more about these exclusive animals in the videos below:


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