Meet Wally, The Angora Rabbit Who Conquered Instagram

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They can be French, German, English, Chinese, or Swiss, and even Korean. With a wide variety of breeds, they can form their own version of the United Nations. They originally came from Ankara, Turkey, formerly known as the city of Angora, from which they derived their name—Angora rabbit.

The Angora rabbits are said to be famous pets for the French royalty in the mid-18th century and have since then spread all around Europe. When names about them started to circulate, they have even become world famous. And early this year, a member of the Angora rabbit family has become as famous as your Instagram idol. Meet Wally, the Angora rabbit who conquered Instagram and the entirety of the Internet world.

Born in July 2014, Wally is an Angora rabbit from Massachusetts who became a sensation after photos of him spread. His owner and account administrator, Molly Prottas, said that she particularly likes Angora rabbits because they are beautiful, big, puffy, soft clouds of bunny, and Wally is her treasured pet. While Angora rabbits are known for their fur ball–like appearance, Wally is known for his short hair and long ears, which Molly styles and uses as a fashion statement.










His Instagram account, which is followed by 137,000 people, is updated every day to show people what Wally is up to and give them something to feast on. With the videos and photos that show Wally’s incomparable adorability, no wonder this furry ball of cuteness has reached all corners of the Web. And with the photos like the ones below, you will know why he deserves the fame.

Check out more of his Instagram videos below. You will surely take a smile with you after watching them.






Check out these videos below:

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