Rare Chromosome Disorder Makes 7-Year-Old Immune to Pain, Hunger, and Fatigue

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While you’re already tearing up over a slight headache, this girl showed no sign of agony even after she was hit by a car. Meet Olivia Farnsworth, the girl who doesn’t feel any pain.

Because of a bizarre disease that is so rare that doctors think she’s the only one in the world who has it, 7-year-old Olivia could not feel any pain, doesn’t get hungry, and can stay up for three days and nights without taking any nap.

It’s called chromosome 6 deletion, and doctors were shocked when they found out that Olivia exhibited all three symptoms associated with the condition.

Her mother, Niki Trepak, shared that she was screaming as she saw her daughter getting dragged ten cars length down the road, but she was even more shocked when Olivia just got up and walked back to her with an expression that said,”What’s going on?”

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Trepak said that Olivia never cried when she was just a baby. At nine months, she stopped sleeping, and that she would have nothing but milk shakes. She never got hungry. Trepak further shared that Olivia once had an injury so severe that she needed to undergo a major surgery, but the kid didn’t say a word when it happened.



Olivia’s rare condition makes her prone to accidents, which can be very harmful. Being a mother of one of its victims, Trepak wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of chromosome 6 deletion.


Dr. Beverly Searle, chief executive of chromosome disorder support group Unique, which has kept close connection with Olivia’s family, said that Olivia is the first one they’re heard of who displays such behavior.

It is believed that there are 15,000 chromosome disorder cases in the world, but only 100 of them have the 6p deletion.

“There may not be anybody out there the same as Olivia,” said Dr. Searle.

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There’s no known cure for the medical condition, but Dr. Searle said there are existing solutions to at least alleviate the symptoms. The organization is trying their best to connect families who have members like Olivia so they can give them more information about chromosome deletion and hopes that these families can form good relationship and show support to each other.

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