This Rare Piebald Deer Was Rejected by His Mom …But Then Something Amazing Happened



An odd-looking deer is becoming popular today because of his cute discoloration – pink nose, white face, and a lovely coat that is a combination of pure white and brown.

Despite the fame he’s getting, this white-faced fawn has a very sad story. Because of his multicolored face, his mother rejected him. So, the owners of Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, Michigan took care of the animal.


Dragon, as what they call him, is a two-week-old deer, born at the farm. He has since learned to show off and amuse people and other guests, visiting the tourism and educational facility.

According to studies, Dragon is a Piebald deer, which is a very rare breed. They are extremely rare in the wild.

Hillary Powell, the owner of Deer Tracks Junction, said, “Normally, they have a black nose. It’s actually a detriment in the wild because if they don’t have shade, their nose is very sensitive to the sun and can get sun burn”.


It can even be a disadvantage because they already lack the appropriate camouflage needed to hide from potential predators.

The owner believes this is the reason Dragon’s mother disowned him. After he was born, his mother’s natural instinct demanded that Dragon could be able to hide from predators better if he was under the care of others. He would be able to survive if he was not with her in the wild.


Fortunately, Dragon has Powell as his surrogate mother, who feeds him and gives him vitamins.

Recently, Deer Tracks Junction has been opened to the public. But, it might probably take long for them to put Dragon on public display.

See this adorable guy in action:


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